September Already!

The months have flown by! 

I had a birthday, the summer holidays, deep cleaning and redecorating the flat, been messed about with appointments and had multiple bouts of sinus headaches that have crippled me… Not to mention all the things that happened in between….

I haven’t had the chance or been in the mood to come on here and read and write everything and clearly regretting that because so much has happened I don’t even think I can remember it all.  Continue reading “September Already!”

Can it get anymore hectic..?

So it’s been awhile… Again… Sorry about the length of time between posts the time just flies by when you have a lot going on.

So a quick recap of the past few weeks… My sister is trying to take me to court, I’m behind on the allotment, ran into financial difficulties, cooking competition came up, finished up college, been ill quite a lot, follow up cervical screening, my daughters last booster injections and my sons move up day…. I’m sure there is more but really at this point I can’t think further back at the moment.

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College Update (Week 26)

This week only us 4 woman turned up for class on Monday! Me, ‘J’, ‘Va’ and ‘I’ although ‘M’ had come in to tell our Teacher/Chef that he wouldn’t be able to attend due to an interview out of the city… Even though both me and ‘J’ had already informed our Teacher/Chef since ‘M’ told us the night before and that morning.

‘Vo’ turned up with no kit on (surprise surprise) and asked for a favour (the cheek) he wants to finish the course early but hasn’t done any work… He wanted to miss out on the morning session and just come back in the afternoon and do what he missed then… I have no idea why he thinks this would be easier if he had already come in to college in the first place. Continue reading “College Update (Week 26)”

College Update (week 24-25)

Week 24

Assessment on my fish skills – Trimming, Filleting, Skinning and Boning.

(Plaice and Bream)





















Salmon En-Croute – salmon fillet, skinned, wrapped in puff pastry, egg-washed and seasoned then baked.

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College Update (Week 18)

Fish Dishes – A Test Of Skill

So I was getting changed in the locker room when ‘Va’ and and ‘J’ came in to put their stuff away in their lockers. We all said our good mornings and that’s when ‘Va’ announced that we will be tested on our fish skills today…. Oh great. Continue reading “College Update (Week 18)”

College Update (week 17)

Pastry Week

This week was good. We made 3 types of pastry from scratch and was able to take them home. I noticed in my  feedback notes from my Chef/Teacher said that although last week I did really well I was just a bit slow to begin with but caught up okay and need to work on keeping up from the get go…

So this week I was ahead to start with but then my puff pastry was being difficult and set me behind again but sure enough I managed to get up to speed. I also got offered two amazing opportunities! Continue reading “College Update (week 17)”

College Update (week 15-16)

Back to college after the Christmas break (although I went away for the weekend before my first day back which meant I wasn’t rested or prepared on my first day back) But to some up what I have done so far since being back are:

Bread Week; – White Bread Rolls, Flat Bread and Soda Bread Loaf Continue reading “College Update (week 15-16)”

Baking Course (week 1-6)

  • Week 1:  Fresh Cream Scones and Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies.


  • Week 2: Daughter was ill so couldn’t go to my course.
  • Week 3:  Chelsea Buns and Lemon Swirls.


  • Week 4: Lemon Drizzle Cakes and Rock Cakes.


  • Week 5: Fresh Cream Strawberry Gateau and Wholemeal Loaf.


  • Week 6: I wasn’t able to go to the last course session due to me being ill.