Happy Easter Half Term! :)

Bit of a late post considering nearing the end of half term now.

Did I get any housework done? No…

But I did do things which usually I don’t when it’s half term… Not because I don’t usually want to but because of money and weather etc…

This time I had money to do things and despite the weather we went out and did things and you know what? I’m happy.

So before half term I got paid a few days earlier due to the bank holiday and that always messes me up when it comes to my budget! Continue reading “Happy Easter Half Term! :)”

Wow what a week…

We had snow again surprisingly! Not as heavy as it had been a few weeks back but enough to lay and blanket everything.

This week hasn’t gone to planned really… I was hoping to get stuff done at home, complete what I needed to complete in my folder for college and make a start on my allotment. Continue reading “Wow what a week…”

Less often than a blue moon…

… I’m talking about snow! I live in the united kingdom – England – Hampshire – on the south coast…Which means we rarely ever get snow and a blue moon happens more often than snow does!

But we had it surprisingly… I noticed the first flurries happen while in college this past Monday and it was on and off most of the day. Then  on the Tuesday I came out of my flat to go on the school run to find that snow had laid! I didn’t even know it had snowed otherwise I would have gone straight out in it!  Continue reading “Less often than a blue moon…”

Where did the week and weekend go?

I’m surprised it’s Sunday again and I have not even been on here to update with what’s been happening throughout the week! 

Quite a bit has been happening this week!  Continue reading “Where did the week and weekend go?”

A Baffling Experience *part 3*

***Warning: (Really long post) What you are about to read are true events that actually transpired over the days it specifies and in no way untrue. I will apologise for the length of this post and the things that were said on my part if it offends anyone.  Be warned it may be painful to read in terms of how boring or frustrating the conversations may be at times.  You may wish to bang your own head against a wall with how painfully  moronic  and draining some responses were… I would know as I felt like that trying to get through the responses myself… Hang in there this is the last part***

Part 3 – Written Off Recipient Continue reading “A Baffling Experience *part 3*”

Well today didn’t go as planned…

My 3 year old daughter didn’t sleep well and was in my bed throughout the night. My 8 year old son woke up this morning feeling dizzy and ended up in my bed. And I woke up feeling nauseous and lethargic… I had to call the school and nursery and tell them we wouldn’t be able to come in today  due to how we were all feeling. Nothing a little more sleep and rest can’t help. Continue reading “Well today didn’t go as planned…”

Back to the norm is it?

Back to school, back to nursery and back to college… which means back to gym, (next week I think) back to trying to sort out my place… The kitchen was sorted completely and then Christmas dinner happened and then I got lazy in that “crimbo limbo haze”. Now I have to clean the kitchen and put everything away, finish painting and then go on to sorting the bedrooms out because they don’t look like bedrooms anymore. (Well not the way I want them to look like anyway.) Continue reading “Back to the norm is it?”

Baking Course (week 1-6)

  • Week 1:  Fresh Cream Scones and Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies.


  • Week 2: Daughter was ill so couldn’t go to my course.
  • Week 3:  Chelsea Buns and Lemon Swirls.


  • Week 4: Lemon Drizzle Cakes and Rock Cakes.


  • Week 5: Fresh Cream Strawberry Gateau and Wholemeal Loaf.


  • Week 6: I wasn’t able to go to the last course session due to me being ill.

Creativity (weekly/daily post #9) *long post – more photos*

So this week my son had a stone age dress up day as a nice ending to their learning of the stone age. We had to be creative spend as little as we could and look authentic… Continue reading “Creativity (weekly/daily post #9) *long post – more photos*”

Daily Post #6

So it’s been awhile since I have been able to write… (And not for lack of trying.) Some days I have sat trying to recap everything but my mind has blanked on me… And also had lots happening. Lets start with today and I will try to get the other posts written and published by the end of the week. (Hopefully.) Continue reading “Daily Post #6”