Good morning! ☕😊

I hope everyone is well and feeling good on this sunny Saturday morning 🌞😎💐 let’s have a great day full of positivity, I know I need it. 😅😊

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College Update (week 24-25)

Week 24

Assessment on my fish skills – Trimming, Filleting, Skinning and Boning.

(Plaice and Bream)





















Salmon En-Croute – salmon fillet, skinned, wrapped in puff pastry, egg-washed and seasoned then baked.

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A Whirling Wednesday

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Petty? Me?

Not usually… But we all are at some point, aren’t we? No matter how hard we try not to be, we don’t want to lower ourselves to their level. But It happens. We get pushed to that point. We stop in our tracks and think… Ya know what? I’m not playing your little games. I’m not doing things your way. For once I am in control of the situation that you have put me in and now you have unleashed a side you will be shocked to be up against with.

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Let the stress be over…

… Because I can’t take much more of these stress induced migraines!

After my last text to my sister  she didn’t  respond or turn up before the 3pm she had demanded so it felt like her little guilt trip story was just a load of BS really and just another day that she doesn’t turn up to and yet she still blames me for her not picking up the money.

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And it continues…

After I published my post last night I had a throbbing headache and went to bed… Woke up this morning to my 3 year old daughter throwing up and my headache has turned into a painful migraine… It’s awful and upsetting because she doesn’t understand what’s happening, she is in pain and can’t explain how she feels properly and is just sobbing and yet there I was trying to comfort her, clean her and the bed and making sure she is throwing up in a bucket but she fights it which makes it a very challenging thing to do…

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Finally a bit of peace… Maybe?

So I did it! I went into college today shortly after I dropped both kids off at school and nursery this morning. I went into my usual kitchen and sat with the computers and then unpacked my bags contents; A4 Notebook, 2 pens, all recipes and instruction method sheets I have acquired over the past 13 weeks of professional cookery at college. (13 weeks!?) I had a lot to do… I had to rewrite all my work that i has written so far in my folder -mainly about what we did on those lessons. But I had to add more detail and explain how we did it, using specific words that should be used in the units… Then I had to Print off all the cookery photo evidence that I had on my USB stick I have been meaning to do since September…  I had a little Issue with the printer but I managed to get help. Then had to reference both detailed written paper with the correct photo evidence and popped them in the front of my folder ready for my Teacher/Chef to look over, sign off and write notes on what my task goals are to be when I come back in January. But yay I am done –(which took 5 long hours writing!) and will not fail my first 4 units that needed to be complete by Christmas! Continue reading “Finally a bit of peace… Maybe?”

An Emzy Life bombarded!

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Creativity (weekly/daily post #9) *long post – more photos*

So this week my son had a stone age dress up day as a nice ending to their learning of the stone age. We had to be creative spend as little as we could and look authentic… Continue reading “Creativity (weekly/daily post #9) *long post – more photos*”