Wow what a week…

We had snow again surprisingly! Not as heavy as it had been a few weeks back but enough to lay and blanket everything.

This week hasn’t gone to planned really… I was hoping to get stuff done at home, complete what I needed to complete in my folder for college and make a start on my allotment. Continue reading “Wow what a week…”

Less often than a blue moon…

… I’m talking about snow! I live in the united kingdom – England – Hampshire – on the south coast…Which means we rarely ever get snow and a blue moon happens more often than snow does!

But we had it surprisingly… I noticed the first flurries happen while in college this past Monday and it was on and off most of the day. Then  on the Tuesday I came out of my flat to go on the school run to find that snow had laid! I didn’t even know it had snowed otherwise I would have gone straight out in it!  Continue reading “Less often than a blue moon…”

Where did the week and weekend go?

I’m surprised it’s Sunday again and I have not even been on here to update with what’s been happening throughout the week! 

Quite a bit has been happening this week!  Continue reading “Where did the week and weekend go?”

The weekend has come and gone…

… And yet again I am sat here trying to update the last couple of days and enjoying my time too much to the point where I can’t be bothered with house work… Typical. Ah well I can try to sort it out another day…

Recap of Thursday; As we all know, I love Thursdays because it’s my day! I spent some me time, watched a bit of telly, writ a post and writ up a list of things to remember to say to my sons Teacher. Continue reading “The weekend has come and gone…”

A Delightful Dinner!

So I got to the college’s restaurant on time. I notice three of the full timers hovering around the restaurants doors and the girl at the door smiles in acknowledgement as she recognises me as one of the part timers. I remember seeing her in the locker rooms. Continue reading “A Delightful Dinner!”

A Whirling Wednesday

So I was hoping to post this at the end of Wednesday but didn’t have time…  Continue reading “A Whirling Wednesday”

All good things come to those who wait…

And I have waited and It is now Friday! No more early mornings and school/nursery runs, missing breakfast and losing the day away for the next couple of days…

So this morning I got them both to nursery and school on time surprisingly after it took me some time to sew the inner thigh splits of my jeans… (This happens when you have curvy thighs that rub till the material weakens and forms gaping holes and since I walk everywhere it seems to happen more and more often I seriously don’t have any jeans left because of it) …  I stayed at the school for assembly and as usual some other parents who are sat in front of me are nattering away while the rest of us were trying to listen to the assembly… Some people are so rude! Continue reading “All good things come to those who wait…”

(long ranting post) I told myself I wouldn’t go on about certain people…

… But it’s just so hard not to talk about it when they make it so baffling and reactable?… Reactive?…  I dunno but as I was saying, I have been trying to word all the things I need to post and up my motivation for it but today or earlier even needs to be aired because I am sure I am not the only one to find this shocking and just rude… Continue reading “(long ranting post) I told myself I wouldn’t go on about certain people…”

Daily Post #4

So my body hates me today!

Not only is it achy and stiff but I have a headache still. 😦 Stairs are my enemy at the moment. It took me 10 minutes to roll out of bed and I can’t push myself off the sofa as my brain is just not helping me as it knows I will be in pain when I try to get up so in tern it just decides to not let me move… Not helpful. Continue reading “Daily Post #4”