Let the stress be over…

… Because I can’t take much more of these stress induced migraines!

After my last text to my sister  she didn’t  respond or turn up before the 3pm she had demanded so it felt like her little guilt trip story was just a load of BS really and just another day that she doesn’t turn up to and yet she still blames me for her not picking up the money.

She did however text me later that day: Continue reading “Let the stress be over…”

Christmas Stockings!

So this year I made my kids their Christmas stockings as we could not find my sons usual stocking in the Christmas box and thought I might as well make my daughter a new one if my son get a new one made. We popped to the fabric store (which is really becoming a great place to go for my crafting bits and bobs) and let the kids pick the fabric they wanted we went for silky and a little stretchy as well as a bit of fluffiness for the trim. Continue reading “Christmas Stockings!”