September Already!

The months have flown by! 

I had a birthday, the summer holidays, deep cleaning and redecorating the flat, been messed about with appointments and had multiple bouts of sinus headaches that have crippled me… Not to mention all the things that happened in between….

I haven’t had the chance or been in the mood to come on here and read and write everything and clearly regretting that because so much has happened I don’t even think I can remember it all.  Continue reading “September Already!”

My Health & Fitness Lifestyle Challenge (week 2) *Catch up*

So it’s been longer than I wanted but here it is!

I told my PT that I would try to commit to going to the gym 3 days a week and one of those days would be with her. Continue reading “My Health & Fitness Lifestyle Challenge (week 2) *Catch up*”

My Health & Fitness Lifestyle Challenge – (week 1)

So for a week I had been emailing this PT (Personal Trainer) who covers everything I was looking for;

  • Body Transformation and Conditioning.
  • Body Confidence.
  • Nutritional Guidance, Advice and Support.
  • High Intensity Training.
  • Lifestyle Coaching

She answered all my questions and we ended up arranging a free session for me this Thursday just past, to see how I felt about the way she trains. She was motivating, friendly, supportive and I understood all her instructions. Continue reading “My Health & Fitness Lifestyle Challenge – (week 1)”

About My Health & Fitness Lifestyle


Last year I went into a depression and anxiety spiral and I didn’t like how I was feeling emotionally, mentally and physically. I often had migraines, nausea, hot flushes and mood swings. I was angry, upset, paranoid and tired everyday. I couldn’t think straight, I was argumentative over the smallest of things and just mean when it got too much for me and ended up pushing those closest to me away. I even hated the way I looked. It was getting so bad that I didn’t even want to get out of bed. The way I was being stamped the end of my relationship I had at the time. Continue reading “About My Health & Fitness Lifestyle”