Here is where you are…

You have stepped into an Emzy Life… But not just a life… Here is a type of release, an outlet of sorts… A place of ranting when needed to free from the mind… You are here to read it and to either; Relate. Encourage. Advise. Any other reason you are here feel free to write a comment explaining what brought you here and what you think.

An Emzy Life is my life blog and I do use this as a way of expressing myself and it has become a positive outlet where I can release, unload and rant about what ever is happening in my life, head and heart. I am still new at all this and constantly learning but enjoying it.

If you want an insight or different perspective or maybe even the same perspective on a persons life and world… My Life and world in fact. Then maybe this is the place to come and have a read at what goes on for me.

From here on out; the good, the bad, the crazy, dramatic twist and turns that are bound to happen. I will write about my feelings, thoughts, ambitions, goals and the challenges I aim to do. Everything and anything – what ever I remember.

A lot has happened before this blog and probably will be loads to come while I write and update as often as I can.

Feel free to send me a message or post a comment to say  “Hello” maybe even share a little bit about yourself in return if you like, in terms of; if you have ever gone through what I have or am going through or if you are going through it right now.

I especially welcome encouraging, positive and helpful, friendly advice to keep me and everyone going and feeling inspired and empowered so to speak. – If that makes sense… It’s not hard to be kind, friendly and Just a nice person unless there is an actual reason you feel the opposite when it comes to certain people.

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