September Already!

The months have flown by! 

I had a birthday, the summer holidays, deep cleaning and redecorating the flat, been messed about with appointments and had multiple bouts of sinus headaches that have crippled me… Not to mention all the things that happened in between….

I haven’t had the chance or been in the mood to come on here and read and write everything and clearly regretting that because so much has happened I don’t even think I can remember it all. 

I celebrated my 27th Birthday and I think it was the most peaceful one I have had and it was all on my terms which isn’t usually the case.

Summer Holidays came and went and only managed to do one of the things I had planned which was take my kids to the zoo which we enjoyed. Unfortunately had so much to do around the flat in terms of deep cleaning, organising and starting to redecorate the kids room not to mention lack of funds to do everything I wasn’t able to do more.

The kids behaviour did test me a bit this summer and it got to a point where they lost out on a day at the theme park and then the weather changed rapidly and we missed out on a trip to the isle of wight.

The past 2 weeks we have been sleeping in the living room as my bedroom is filled with everything from both bedrooms and the kids bedroom is my chaotic creative artist studio at the moment as I draw, tape, paint and design their walls. (my way of decorating) 

I didn’t really think my design would take as long as it has done but it looks great so far -still not done but will look amazing when it is all finished hopefully!

I have been harassed by the council and British gas as they want an appointment to “check” the windows and it will take “2 hours” to do so…  Even though they know my situation and the fact it is beyond an inconvenience when they have been in and out of my place doing multiple things over the last 2 years despite the flood i suffered during and this time they are really taking the piss and I can’t deal with it.

I had my hair done which was a saved up treat to myself but since I decided to go for a massive change I was in 2 minds of it and thought I made a massive mistake but actually I have grown to like the bits I didn’t *phew!*

My son is back at school now. He went back yesterday and started year 4! That’s crazy! My daughter has one more year of nursery and then she will be starting reception next September… Now that’s even crazier!

I received my qualifications from college so that means officially I am a qualified chef! I haven’t heard anything from the college since about a level 3 so I’m thinking it’s not happening which is a massive shame!

I will have to look into doing some work experience placements or volunteering to build up my experience and to keep my skills going because quite frankly I have been feeling like I am losing them not using them as much as I was when I was going to college.

Oh and it’s been like a year now since I have seen or spoken to my mum which is a huge thing… I’ve been wanting to write about what’s been happening family side of things but It’s a lot and it’s wording it right… Hopefully a post to come soon. 

Right now I feel so drained and tired and oh so out of shape… I’ll be planning a healthier living plan soon where I will keep up with exercises again as it’s been since Christmas and I haven’t really worked out at all and feel I have gained a bit of weight… Even though I’m not that bothered about the weight I just want the energy back!

Day 2 and the school runs have already taken it out on me! That’s saying something I’m sure!

Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll try and get my crap together and keep the post’s coming I know I have a lot to read and catch up on… Although, I do love to read! 🙂

x Emz x



Author: Emz

I'm a 28, ambitious full time mum of two amazing and funny children. I try to live a happy simple life but of course there can be drama even if do try to avoid it. A lot does go on with Family and friends and I try to blog as often as I can because this is a good way for me to write what I'm thinking, feeling and helps me remember things that go on and writing it down on a piece of paper doesn't do myself any justice I need to be honest with myself and if blogging is the way forward for me then so bit it. If you happen to come across my blog and actually like and follow it thank you very much. :D I have had to make strong and hard decisions in my life and I have come out stronger and wiser every time. I'm shy, opinionated and can be socially awkward at times but I am trying to build up my confidence and I just want to share with you my life story if you are willing to listen and I am only too happy to do the same for anyone else who wants me to know :) I try to be as honest, open and kind as I can in life. - My aim is to Blog every day whether I am able to keep up with that well we shall see :)

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