Happy Easter Half Term! :)

Bit of a late post considering nearing the end of half term now.

Did I get any housework done? No…

But I did do things which usually I don’t when it’s half term… Not because I don’t usually want to but because of money and weather etc…

This time I had money to do things and despite the weather we went out and did things and you know what? I’m happy.

So before half term I got paid a few days earlier due to the bank holiday and that always messes me up when it comes to my budget!

So before Easter I wasn’t able to buy any eggs for he kids but we did go to the schools Chocolate Event in which I had volunteered to help out (I was in charge of the chocolate fountain and covered the fruit and marshmallow kebabs with the chocolate and handed them out for a quid each- I prefer to do the candyfloss… A couple of years ago I was the only one willing to do the candy floss and even though it was my first time I was pretty good at it if I do say so myself and I was quite generous which made them want to come back for more- I was labelled the candyfloss queen after that and I was quite proud of  myself despite being covered in sugar!)

My son was extremely lucky when I gave him a few quid to do the tombola and raffles… I had my friend come down to help me out with the kids while I volunteered. My son won twice in the raffle and won in multiple tombolas and ended up bringing home 6 Easter eggs and 2 gift bags full of chocolate goodies! My boy did good!

So the Easter egg hunt went on with the eggs he won and he shared them with me and his sister which was nice. 🙂

But then the first week of half term wasn’t great… I had become ill…Again.

Started off with a compressed head feeling and stomach cramps and then I started feeling a bit sick so I went to lay down and the compressed head became a headache and I felt so ill and even trying to rest was hard to do.

Couldn’t sleep at night as the pain worsened into a migraine. Even took co-dyadramol to ease it which didn’t ease it one bit. 

The next day the migraine was unbearable and felt like it turned into a sinus headache yet again… I tried to call the doctors but silly me forgot it was now a Saturday and doctors would be closed so I attempted to go out for some air… As I walked past the bin bags ready to be taken out I ended up throwing up but since I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours it was nothing but acid coming up which was painful. (Sorry if TMI!!)

Another I feel like death and I want to die moment – As I sit on the step of the stairs gripping the washing up bowl and crying in pain while my 3 year old rushes over to me and starts rubbing my back telling me everything will be alright…. How sweet is that? 

I have said before I can’t stand to be alone when ill and it’s so hard to parent your children when you’re body is not functioning the way you need it to.

Thankfully Monday came and I felt so much better!

Second half of half term and I was well enough to get around and do things with the kids.

Monday I decided to take the kids to see Peter Rabbit at the cinema. I also messaged my new friend ‘J’ from college if she would like to join us but she didn’t feel like she would be well enough as she hadn’t been well. But  instead she wanted to take us out to eat at a new restaurant for lunch before the cinema “her treat” which was lovely of her!

When we met her at our meeting spot she handed me a box of ‘Krispy Kreme’ doughnuts! Then when we got into the restaurant she told me to choose whatever I want and explained they do huge pizzas and to choose different flavours on one pizza or I’ll get bored…. She wasn’t wrong! 

The pizza was massive! I chose half margarita and have half bbq chicken…. The bbq chicken side tasted awful and the margarita side was okay but the pizza dough in itself was so thin! I like my pizza bases deep pan so you can have a proper bite! Also another thing I didn’t like was the kids menu was in Italian so even me and my son couldn’t read it!


Then ‘J’ gave me some of her carbonara and so I had a plate of that too…. I couldn’t eat all of it though…. And then She let me and my son choose desserts! We agreed on 2 different desserts that we can both half half of.

The desserts were Pear crumble with sour cream ice cream… I know I don’t know why you would think sour cream would be good as an ice cream and I certainly didn’t like it and my son didn’t like it but ate it anyway haha. The other dessert was a chocolate souffle with mango passion sorbet… But the souffle was more of a chocolate fondant pudding rather than a souffle…. Unless that’s what souffles are meant to be like? I don’t know. Either way I liked it. 🙂


We said our thank you’s and our goodbyes, and I told her it will be my treat next time. She loved my kids and they loved her! Then we headed off to the cinema… We loved the film and enjoyed our comfy leather recliner cinema seats.

Tuesday came and I took the kids bowling. There has been an Easter promotion in the half term mornings before 10am with the promotion code gives you 50% off! So we had a game of bowling which my 3 year old was winning most of the game my 8 year old not far behind and me losing til I got a strike – something I haven’t been able to do for a few years! My son decided to start throwing his bowling ball  instead of using the ramp halfway through the game which he was getting the hang off but 8 year olds who aren’t winning can be a bit sulky!

My 3 year old was enjoying bowling and dancing to the songs she could hear through the speakers while waiting for her turns. After the game we headed to the arcade and I loaded up our bowling card which gives us credit to use on the game machines instead of coins and then the kids have a chance to win either prizes from the machines or tickets to trade in for points and then goodies from the glass cabinet.

After bowling I took the kids to McDonalds and then home.

Wednesday (yesterday) we ended up staying in even though I had to do food shopping and this bin trail thing with the kids (bin trail: an Easter event where you follow a map with different locations of specific bins that have been decorated and the kids fill in the answers which are on the bins to the questions that are on the map and then when we hand it in to the finish location they get a “mysterious prize”)

My brother ended up coming round and letting us try out his new Oculus Rift Virtual Reality console. Then when we finished the games and the kids went to bed we had a bit of a chat and he went off.

Today (Thursday) we met up with my brother as he left a wire at mine and then he came with us shopping and then he went to get his dog so that we could see her as it had been last summer since the kids saw her. (post coming soon) We played with her in the parks and watched her play with another dog then my brother walked us home and we said bye again.

That’s the recap of the past 2 weeks so far… Oh yeah finally went to the allotment on the first half of the half term the day before I got ill actually and I made a difference to the shed… Had to pull everything out of the shed and on to the plots grass so I could go through stuff… I knew there would be spiders in that shed but my gosh never in my nightmares would I have thought there would be as many as there was! I came across 6 daddy long legs… 3 thick black spiders and hundreds of those white/see through spiders… That was horrifying on it’s own – move something and hundreds came crawling out and over what I’m holding! I only had a spray bottle of water to spray them back away from me but that wasn’t even what creeped me out the most!

There was a lot of webs and when my daughter spotted something on a shelf at her eye level I looked where she was looking and saw a giant ass monster of a spider! about the size of my hand! I mean I don’t have big hands but when a spider is big enough to be the size of your hand and its body is quite thick, black and it’s legs are the same… That’s not something you want to be seeing! I went to take a picture of it but it was gone when I got my phone out! 

So then I was paranoid as to where it had gone to… I didn’t want it to jump out at me from any moment while I was cleaning and clearing out and being distracted with the hundreds of mini white spiders! I even came across freaking spider eggs!!!!! Never seen any in my life before then! Not to mention I am not a bug/insect person….

I tried to spray down this giant thick web in the corner of the shelf and that’s when I saw that monsters legs hanging out of this cave like web hole… I sprayed and it popped out stared at me then hid itself deeper in the hole…..That made me freak a bit.

A few times when I looked over when doing something I noticed it half out staring at me… I didn’t like that… I pretty much got most of the webs and spiders and did a quick wipe of the place but needs a proper scrubbing with cleaning products! I’m bringing lemon next time to scare that giant thing away! I had to put everything back in the shed that I was keeping but it looks a lot more organised and tidy…. 

I’m still learning about this whole allotment thing and I hope I can retain the info I learn. I did how ever forget to take a picture after I put everything back in… Oh and there was a horrible decomposed melted pumpkin it looked like… Can’t be sure really but that was horrendous to get rid off!


I did meet my plot neighbour who also is new to the allotment and she too has 2 children around the same ages as mine and it was nice being sociable with her. Anyway… I have probably gone on enough with this post and it might be dragging on a bit… Sorry about that. 😛 Thanks for reading though!

x Emz x


Author: Emz

I'm a 28, ambitious full time mum of two amazing and funny children. I try to live a happy simple life but of course there can be drama even if do try to avoid it. A lot does go on with Family and friends and I try to blog as often as I can because this is a good way for me to write what I'm thinking, feeling and helps me remember things that go on and writing it down on a piece of paper doesn't do myself any justice I need to be honest with myself and if blogging is the way forward for me then so bit it. If you happen to come across my blog and actually like and follow it thank you very much. :D I have had to make strong and hard decisions in my life and I have come out stronger and wiser every time. I'm shy, opinionated and can be socially awkward at times but I am trying to build up my confidence and I just want to share with you my life story if you are willing to listen and I am only too happy to do the same for anyone else who wants me to know :) I try to be as honest, open and kind as I can in life. - My aim is to Blog every day whether I am able to keep up with that well we shall see :)

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