A Baffling Experience *part 3*

***Warning: (Really long post) What you are about to read are true events that actually transpired over the days it specifies and in no way untrue. I will apologise for the length of this post and the things that were said on my part if it offends anyone.  Be warned it may be painful to read in terms of how boring or frustrating the conversations may be at times.  You may wish to bang your own head against a wall with how painfully  moronic  and draining some responses were… I would know as I felt like that trying to get through the responses myself… Hang in there this is the last part***

Part 3 – Written Off Recipient

If you haven’t read anything about ‘A Baffling Experience’ yet, I suggest you have a read of the back story and first 2 parts before reading this final instalment 🙂

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I hadn’t heard anything from him since his last message and I hadn’t responded to it since there were no words for me to reply with that would have been friendly… But I was the next day and thought I would try to get to know him and vice versa since he agreed to try to get to know the people we are today.

I am calmer and I just want things to go smoothly if we are ever to be friends again…The conversation can’t get worse after yesterday right?


Me -4:34pm- “Have you had a nice day? x”

(See I can be friendly :P)

‘J S’ -4:38pm- “Not bad u x”

(Simple but at least he replied and it’s going well)

 Me -4:50pm- “It’s been alright 🙂 anything planned for the rest of this month? x”

(Okay let’s try to get to know him, surely knowing if hes got plans would give me an idea of what he likes to do or what he has in store for himself etc)

‘J S’ -5:02pm- “Na u x”

(Breath… These short responses are a bit stand offish and conversation stoppers right? Is that just me?)

Me -6:01pm- “I thought you  would be more talkative then this lol x”

(Well I really did think he would at least try to have a proper conversation with me…)

‘J S’ -6:02pm- “Ur not lol x”

(What? I think you will find that I am the one trying to make a conversation happen here and you keep ending them with your short answers….)

Me -6:24pm- “I’m busy with kids lol do you not want to talk now? x”

(I mean when I haven’t responded it is because I am with my kids and rather busy… What’s his excuse?)

‘J S’ -6:24pm- “Yh y say that x”

(I ask that because It doesn’t seem like you do want to talk to me as much as you did the other day when you messaged me…)

Me -6:24pm- “Just asking as it doesn’t seem like you do x”

(Simple, do you have a reason why you’re less chatty?)

‘J S’ -6:25pm- “I’m talking to you x”

(Really though? You may be responding but nothing that forms a proper conversation…)

‘J S’ -6:32pm- “?”

(Enough with question marks when you haven’t asked me a question!)

Me -6:54pm- “If you say so x”

(It’s a good thing I still have my friend on the phone with me to help navigate me through this without unleashing what could end this whole thing instantly in a very abrupt and negative way)

‘J S’ -6:55pm- “Wats wrong with u x

(Yeeeah… Those aren’t the words that you should be saying to me…  Nothing is wrong with me except from you popping back up to irritate the life out of me with your so called “conversation starters”… If he knew me he would know not to respond like that… But I guess he just proved my point in the fact that he doesn’t know me….)

Me -7:06pm- “?”

(Take your own question marks instead of a real message for a change!)

‘J S’ -7:07pm- “U seem funny”

(Funny? Well you seem like a freaking divvy and you’re lucky we aren’t having this conversation in person I tell you that now…)

Me -7:10pm- “… How? x”

(Still trying to be nice and I asked a simple question to know why he thinks something is wrong with me as I haven’t come across that way to him…)

‘J S’ -7:10pm- “U just seem u like u don’t want to talk x”

(Well now I don’t because you’re pissing me off… But I am trying to be nice and get to know you etc)

Me -7:12pm- “I don’t even know what to say to that considering I just told you it feels like that’s how it is from your end….”

(Perfectly worded and still being nice… Although struggling to bite my tongue and my friend on the phone is laughing at my reactions- I’m glad someone is enjoying this…)

‘J S’ -7:12pm- “I don’t see how”

(Banging my head against a brick wall)

Me -7:13pm- “Really?”


‘J S’ -7:14pm- “Tell me then”

(Huh? Tell you what? You give me a headache trying to work out what you mean….)

Me -7:18pm- “What do you mean tell you? Tell you what?”

(Like seriously…)

‘J S’ -7:19pm- “How it seems I don’t want to talk to you”

(Really though? Are we going around in circles at this point?)

Me -7:20pm- “Well these messages for one and just not really talking to me today compared to yesterday that’s all”

(Getting bored…)

‘J S’ -7:20pm- “I’ve spoken to you more than you have with me”

(Hang on a minute… Whaaaaat!? You’re clearly having a laugh…. Because I have tried to have a conversation and you have been questioning me in stupid ways and I have to try and understand what you are saying and what you mean and then try and respond to it even though that’s hard to do with your responses…)

Me -7:26pm- “Sending me ‘?’ doesn’t count as you speaking to me…”

(Do you not understand that?)

‘J S’ -7:27pm- “I send that to get reply”

(Well that’s not the best way to get a reply now is it? Because it makes me not want to respond to you at all but I am nice and trying to give you a chance but you’re making it hard for me to even want to…)

Me -7:27pm- “Yeah that’s not the right way to get a reply if you haven’t asked a question with it”

(Do you understand now?)

‘J S’ -7:29pm- “Yh I said I was talking to you and u didn’t reply so I sent that”

(You didn’t ask a question so you can’t put a question mark on its own just to get a response from me… But I wouldn’t call that talking to me…)

Me -7:31pm- “Have you anything to talk about?”

(If there isn’t anything you want to talk about or anything you have to say, what was the point in all this? Why pop up after all this time? I don’t get it and it’s getting on my nerves…)

‘J S’ -7:31pm- “Do you”

(Oh my goooood…. You were the one to message me…. You should have something to say not me… I’m trying here….)

Me -7:35pm- “Well yesterday you said you agreed for us to get to know each other the way we are now yet you haven’t really… I asked if you had any plans for this month and you don’t… Do you have any plans to do anything at all this year or?”

(Give me something to work with here…)

‘J S’ -7:37pm- “Y are you saying that for I work alot and wen I don’t I see my daughter I don’t have plans unless something comes up”

(I answered your silly question and trying to get to know you and see what you do or will be getting up to is just a away of finding out about you and your life… So…)

Me -7:40pm- “Why am I saying what? I’m talking, I’m asking a question… And okay you could have said that instead of just “na you?” What about your other kids?”

(I mean since I became a parent I like to talk about my kids because they are a big part of my life… So surely you could talk about yours…)

 ‘J S’ -7:43pm- “The mums stopped me and I said na because I dont have plans I work and see my daughter that’s so do you have plans then”

(Nothing can really stop you unless you choose to stop yourself… Or you have done something where you legally can’t so…  This hits a nerve for me… So you work and see your daughter… That’s all?)

Me -7:48pm- “How come? and okay fair enough and I try to”

(Try opening up and maybe we can get a conversation going properly…)

‘J S’ -7:49pm- “Long story and don’t u have any plans x”

(Long story? This whole  messaging thing has been long and pointless but you could at least talk to me about something with substance and have meaning to you like what happened…)

Me -8:05pm- “Well I am a good listener and reader so… And I have a couple of plans and as I said I try to”

(It’s always good to make plans for yourself or even your kids…)

‘J S’ -8:17pm- “OK”

(… Dead end conversation stopper again…)

Me -8:27pm- “Ok?”

(You didn’t even answer me or respond properly like… What am I supposed to say to that?)

‘J S’ -8:29pm- “huh”

(Oh don’t start…)

Me -8:31pm- “What were you saying okay to?”

(Getting confused now..)

‘J S -8:35pm- “Ur message”

(Okay to what in my message though? I basically said you could tell me something important to you and I am a good listener and that I do have plans as I try to make them… Instead of doing nothing all year long but then you say nothing but okay in response?)

Me -8:37pm- “Did you read it? Because unless you were gonna say something else saying just okay isn’t the right response if you had read it…”

(Can you stop winding me up please I don’t have the patience for this crap….)

‘J S’ -8:47pm- “What do you want me to say”

(To respond properly!)

Me -8:48pm- “To read and respond like an adult?”

(I mean come on! I still have my friend on the phone trying to keep me calm but my gosh it’s so hard to stay polite when he is being an idiot…)

‘J S’ -9:18pm- “What are you trying to say”

(Exactly what I said asshole! – Breath and stay calm…)

‘J S’ -9:31pm- “?”

(Again with the freaking question marks!!!! Yes you asked a question this time but how hard is it to understand me?)

Me -9:47pm- “You respond like you use to and I’m surprised you haven’t progressed on from that…It’s been years and it’s still the same for you which just baffles me… You message me out of the blue saying you thought it was a good idea but don’t explain why you did in the first place and then you say you still like me and you want to get to know me again but you haven’t… And it’s like meh… What’s the point? I tried and you haven’t that’s how this feels and you ask me what’s wrong with me? And that I don’t talk? Give me a sentence to work with so I can respond but why should I bother when you can’t answer or respond properly yourself? If you didn’t want to talk or have an actual grown up adult conversation and get to know each other then why message me? You say one thing and say and do another thing, ah well I tried.”

(Seriously if I wanted this I would have stayed with the “sperm donors”… I really tried to hold it in but I think I writ it quite well and nicely I might add… I wanted to be more blunt than that and more in a less polite way… Yes I think that was polite…)

‘J S’ -10:02pm- “What are you going on I try be nice and talk to you and you say all this ur right I don’t no u anymore”

(Wow! You finally get it! That’s right you don’t know me because I have grown since I was a young teenager and I am a mum and I am independent and I don’t put up with crap and I want to know why the hell you would get back in contact thinking it was gonna be the same after all these years… You have proven my point… Thank you!)


Me -1:23am- “Let’s be honest… You never really tried to know me all the years we knew each other… You didn’t know anything personal about me, you weren’t much of a talker and it seems like you’re still not… I have been nice every time we have spoken even though others wouldn’t be considering the circumstances… You tell me to talk even though you’re the one that popped out of the wood work and then when I do talk you don’t say much or anything for me to be able to respond to. Or your responses aren’t nice themselves when you make assumptions and accusations… You haven’t asked me anything about myself or told me anything about you… Other than you saying you are the same… Which comes across as you never really grew up and by the looks of it that shows in the way you talk/write. You’re 26/27 ,you’re supposed to be a dad and with all the life choices you have made you should have learned from them and grown better as a person because of it all but it looks like you need to face some stuff and really grow as a person and understand that being superficial, materialistic and shallow is not how you define someone and there is more to people then just how they look to you… I could say more but you don’t listen/read anyway. But at least now you have proven my point.”

(Phew I feel so much better now *sigh of relief and release* This whole biting my tongue thing is draining business. All I’m trying to be is be nice but you push me to a breaking point and although I’m still holding back and making sure what I say is clear for you to understand and is in a nicer way than what I could possibly say. I am still here trying to get to know you but you make it so extremely hard to do that unless this is all you then I’m fine without you thanks…)

‘J S’ -5:16am- “Think what you want about me you do not have a clue who I am or what I do in my life I live my life each day that goes by I don’t plan things unless I need to other than that I just go with the flow so u can not say to me I need to grow up because you don’t no me and I don’t say much to you because you are hard to talk to and when I do talk to it’s the wrong thing or it’s not enough words so as I said think what you want about me”

(Finally a proper paragraph message I can work with…. Although snappy… Well I know what I think based on this 3 day back and forth that’s been going on and you’re going down in my estimation which is surprising as I didn’t think you could go any lower… Thank you! You’re right as I have also said that I don’t know you, hence why I wanted us to get to know each other for me to know you and you to know me… I don’t know what you do in your life but I did ask. I only know what you tell me which is clearly not much at all… Yeah I live life each day that goes by like most people but I like to plan ahead if I want to do something for myself or with my kids etc… I said you need to grow as a person not grow up exactly… So you admit you don’t say much after you told me you said more to me? Well you don’t use proper words for one and you also don’t give me full sentences to carry on the conversation, just one word enders…)

Me -8:12am- That’s my point. You haven’t tried to have a proper conversation with me for me to get to know who you are and what you do in life. That’s why I asked and you give anti social responses. Not to mention you said you were the same person as you were. That’s what my comment was about last night. I didn’t say “grow up” I said “you should have grown better as a person”. All I asked was did you have any plans… Like trips, days out, or special events that you are gonna do with yourself, friends family or children… It was a simple question and you seemed to take it the wrong way for some reason. That message was the longest you have ever sent and that’s how long a proper message with information about you should be… So of course I’m gonna be hard to talk to if all you’re giving me is one word responses and just question marks without a question. That’s not how people converse unless there is a valid reason for it. Like that person is moody or deserves one word answers… But anyway not sure you understood anything I have said but If you had no intention of getting to know me or letting me get to know you then I don’t understand why you would message me with the same chat you always send… It’s been years and this whole thing is just random and weird and just baffles me. I’m not trying to come across as mean or harsh just logical. I’m not gonna pretend we are buddies when you haven’t tried for years. This is me getting on with life and not living in the past.”

(Clear enough? I feel so much better now I have that off my chest…It should have ended there…)

‘J S’ -8:23am- “OK that’s fine if you don’t want to talk then I want bother you again and as I just said before i messaged you to see how you are and that and nothing stopped you messaging me all this time”

(I never said I didn’t want to talk. Like I have been saying… I have been talking. It’s you that hasn’t said much till now… Not true, you messaged because you thought it was a good idea, not to see how I am those were your words… otherwise when I asked why you messaged you could have said you wanted to see how I was… Duh I have been trying to talk to you hence the messaging back…)

Me -9:46am- “Have you read anything? Because I never said that… If anything all I have done is try to talk but you’re very shut off and defensive…. You’re not bothered about how I am. You don’t even want to know me… I’ve tried you haven’t and you miss the point every time. Is there a reason why you don’t elaborate with any of your answers?”

(Simple. Clear. To the point.)

‘J S’ -9:50am- “What do you want every little bit of detail of every question”

(Are you even capable of doing that?)

Me -9:50am- “Some details would be nice… General information for me to know you and your life… And vice versa. That’s how conversations work with adults. If all you wanted to know was to see how I am then you should have explained that at the beginning.”

(Like really… Is that too hard?)

‘J S’ -10:03am- “I can talk like adult so basically you are saying I talk like a kid”

(I never said that… Lets not insult kids…. Although you haven’t come across like you have matured so….)

Me -10:17am- “You talk like you use to, our conversations haven’t really changed since we were teenagers, and that doesn’t feel right to me.”

(I’m being honest, I’m being nice about it – I mean I could have been nasty but I haven’t been…)

‘J S’ -10:29am- “If that’s how you feel then we will leave it as that I’m not being told that I speak like a kid you are the only one who has ever said that I am who I am if you don’t like it then waste of time messaging you”

(That’s how it is. I didn’t say the words you speak like a kid. Wow I’m the only one who has told you how you come across?  Maybe I’m the only one you know with balls? Or you surround yourself with people who never matured as you grew? Either way… You say you are who you are… Well who is that then If  you have changed? Well if you’re gonna be rude by ending it with you saying that then you only have yourself to blame asshole.)

Me -10:59am- “You were the one to start messaging me after all this time. We don’t know each other that’s why we said to get to know each other but since you agreed to try on Tuesday (I might be wrong) it doesn’t feel like you have … It’s like the messages are stuck and just not developing the way they should be. I never said you speak like a kid… It reminds me of the times you use to tell me you were reading between the lines when there were no lines to read between. You say you are who you are yet you haven’t explained to me who you actually are. I asked on Tuesday who you were and you couldn’t even answer me seriously or properly. I’m sorry you feel that messaging me is a waste of your time when all I have tried to do is to explain, understand and get to know the person you have become but I have not been able to, because you don’t tell me anything significant about you that is actually different from the way you were. From looking at our messages the past few days it doesn’t come across as you have told me anything really about you and your life. For example; job, family, friends, being a dad.. These are conversational topics that would help me get to know who you are now. Would you not agree? At this point even though we have history we haven’t learned anything about who we have grown into. Also If I didn’t want to talk to you or get to know you at all I would have never responded and would have blocked you – just saying 😛 🙂

(All true and honest and to the point but at this point I couldn’t care less since you have made me lose interest in you as a person…. That’s me done.)

‘J S’ -11:19am- “OK but I have nothing special to tell you other than I have a full time job and part time job and I see my daughter every week and I don’t have any plans to go away or anything exciting so there’s not much else to tell you so yh I am still probably they same way u remember me”

(Oh… Still gonna message me after telling me messaging me is a waste of time? What’s the point now? Doesn’t need to be special things to say about yourself, You could have said you had 2 jobs instead of the one you only told me about and seeing your daughter every week is somewhat a plan in itself… A recurring plan… And now you finally admit you are probably the same as back then so why the hell have you been fighting me on the matter saying I don’t know you if you are now saying you are the same as what I knew from before!?!?!?!?)

Me -11:27am- “So you have 2 jobs? What do you do in those jobs? How do you feel about working in those jobs? Do you have a dream that you’re striving towards? What do you do with your daughter when you see her? How do you feel when you’re with her? Oh? I’m confused… I thought you have been saying I don’t know you? But now you’re saying you’re the same person you were before? Can you explain?” 
(Trying to be nice as much as I can even though this guy needs a slap to knock sense into him… Asking him questions to further see what else there is…)
‘J S’-11:31am-“My full time job is at Airport and part time at the docks I enjoy both and I aim to be supervisor at the airport and wen I see my daughter I take her to park or play area and I see on my days off which the days change every week”
(No offence but wow… That’s the big dream? Okay…  Oh and still proving my point about you making plans…)
‘J S’ -12:26pm-“Are you going to write back”
(Calm down! It’s only been an hour! I’m having my lunch…And on the phone to my friend who is keeping me calmer than I would have been by now…)
Me -1:17pm- “What are your roles in your jobs at the moment? Do you do anything else when you’re with your daughter?”
(See still trying to get to know you… Not that you have asked me anything in return to get to know me…)
‘J S’ -1:19pm- “I do what ever my daughter wants to do and I do catering the planes at the airport and baggage down the docks”
(… Finding it hard to continue this one sided conversation…)
Me-1:21pm- “What does catering the planes involve?”
(Why am I even bothering?)
‘J S’-1:47pm-“Just loading plans with the trolleys and crew food”

Me -1:51pm-“Oh right that’s what that was… Have you anything to ask me? Anything you want to know?”

(I was waiting for him to ask me on his own but clearly that’s not gonna happen the self involved twat…)

‘J S’-1:53pm-“Tell me everything about u now”

(I know I asked him who he was and that was a broad question because you can be many things and it can take awhile to find that out but be reasonable here… You want me to tell you EVERYTHING!? That could go on for longer than I can stand and I’m sure it’s more than you can handle!)

Me-1:56pm- “You’re gonna have to be a lot more specific than that lol”
(Don’t be a cop out…)
‘J S’-2:06pm-“Y just tell me everything like u asked me”
(What do you mean why? Why be specific? Don’t be more stupid than you already are!  I never said tell me everything I came out and asked you freaking questions …)

Me -2:15pm-“Firstly, what do you mean why? Second, what do you mean by everything? – I couldn’t possibly tell you everything about me especially in one message on facebook… That would be ridiculous. I didn’t ask you about everything… I gave you examples and you only answered those and then I tried to find out more information about them and you gave me closed off answers. Do you find it difficult to open up to people?”

(I can’t be bothered. But I also don’t want an argument. But also don’t want to waste my breath. But also don’t want to be rude…)

‘J S’-2:17pm-“Yes I do”
(Yes you do what? Find it difficult? Give closed off answers? Add more to your responses! We have been through this already!)
Me-2:19pm- “Well how do you expect me to tell you “everything” if you find it difficult to do the same?”
(I’m being reasonable and nice…)
‘J S’ -2:20pm-“I’ve told you about me so now you do the same why has everything gota be so hard to talk”
(Hardly… I had to probe it out of you and it was more painful for me than it was you!  I’m not hard to talk to… You’re just too hard to talk with.)

Me -2:21pm-“I’m sorry but in your words “huh”?”

(Taste your own medicine. I’m losing the lid and I will be ruthless if I have to be  but I am trying so hard to keep it polite….)

‘J S’ -2:23pm- “Well you either tell me about you or you don’t up to you”
(Don’t give me your attitude after all my politeness…)

Me-2:26pm-“So you don’t want to get to know me then?”

(If you want to get to know me then ask me what you want to know exactly but if you can’t be bothered then what’s the point in messaging me still? I’m still on the phone to my friend and I am determined to get through this and laugh my way through the piss off moments…)

‘J S’ -2:27pm-“Did I or did I not just say tell me about you?”
(Oooh the way his messages are coming across can make a woman get arsey…)

Me-2:36pm-“Did I or did I not ask you actual questions?”

(If you can’t get with the program then move on dickhead…)

‘J S’ -2:39pm-“Yh so what’s the problem now I asked you to tell me about you”
(Here we go.. Well don’t say I wasn’t nice up till now…)
Me-2:42pm-“A problem? Do you think there is a problem? I didn’t think there was a problem…”
(Sarcasm time.)

‘J S’-2:44pm-“U are making it into a situation u either tell me or you don’t”

(If anyone is turning things into a situation it’s you…I’m just flowing with it…)

Me-2:45pm-“Am I making it into a situation? What kind of situation?”
(At this point I just want to see how far I can go… I am determined to get the last word in now.) 
‘J S’-2:47pm-“I’m not talking about that”
(Who knows what you have been talking about all this time you baffling bore…)
Me-3:53pm- “Oh right… Okay…. What situation did you mean?”
(Do tell so I may yet again try to understand you….)
‘J S’ -3:54pm-“Why are you making it difficult I asked you to tell me about you so what is the problem”
(You didn’t ask me a proper question for me to answer… And clearly you not knowing how to get to know someone is the problem we have here)
Me-5:16pm-“No problem, just needed it to be less vague so I know what specifically you want to know about me because saying everything includes…Well everything, which can be as obvious as “I live on Earth” to “I am in college” A starting point would be helpful, what do you want to know about the most?”
(Do you understand how clear I am being?)
‘J S’-5:17pm-“Just the main usual things you would tell anyone”
(Oh my god…)

Me-5:32pm-“That would depend on the question they asked about me…”

(Come on! Just stop being a lazy cop out and give me a question to answer! What do you want to know!?)

‘J S’-5:32pm-“OK then”
(Wow! Dead end. Anti social comment. Just proved the thing I have been saying this entire time and you say you have said more to me!? Moron.)
Me-5:50pm-“Ok then… It’s not hard…”
(I get better responses from my kids then I do this guy! And they act and talk more mature too!) 
‘J S’-5:50pm- “Yh exactly so im not going to ask you again”
(Well then what do you expect to know with responses like that?)
Me-5:51pm-“You never actually asked me anything specific”
(God I’m so over this.)
‘J S’-5:52pm-“Because u should no you are a adult now”
(Ark at you mouthing me off like that. You asked for it. Even my friend on the phone has said “you’re on your own mate!” Because now you have pushed it)
Me-6:07pm-“Yes and as an adult I know how to get to know someone properly but asking a question is a standard thing everyone knows how to do… You haven’t tried or made any effort to really get to know me on your own. I have to spell it out for you because you just don’t get how communication works… I asked you plenty of questions and you only answered 3 and only went into detail about 2 of them when I questioned further… And not once did you ask me in return nor did you come up with any questions of your own… Demanding me to tell you everything about myself but not specifying what it is you yourself would want to know is just lazy and a cop out.”
(I have been unleashed! It’s all me now and it feels good!)
‘J S’-6:10pm-“Lol cool I love how you think”
(This guy? What a weirdo!- And also nice to know he is the type of person to throw around the ‘love’ word like that in a situation like this…)
Me-6:32pm-“Let’s add lack of respect to the list shall we?”
(I don’t expect him to like that but then again I didn’t expect his last response…)
‘J S’ -6:33pm- “Ha ha u are funny”
(Okay… He’s a troll! Has he been winding me up on purpose this whole time? What a creep!)
‘J S’ -6:38pm-“Wow I actually can’t believe you said I have been nice to you but now
that’s kinda taking the piss”
(Ha! You’ve been nice have you? Is that what you call being nice? And oh my god! You think that I’m taking the piss!? Have you even checked the messages you sent me? Dick!)
Me-7:36pm-“Not such a good idea when you’re not ready to hold and handle a mature conversation is it? You have really proved to me how much you haven’t changed in the last 10 years…It’s such a shame. I hope all your children grow up happy and fulfilled in their life.”
(I feel sorry for his kids… 2 of them because he hasn’t bothered and his daughter who is in his life I hope matures and grows the way she is supposed to and doesn’t follow his stupidity… I’m sorry but What was the point in any of this? Popping up out of nowhere after years when we didn’t part on good terms and yet his responses were self absorbed and pointless… I mean I really tried when he didn’t and he started having an attitude towards me… I was till more polite and nice than I should have been but at least I got the last word in!)
So I was wrong… It got worse huh… Well just in case he doesn’t take the hint… I sent a big cheesy smiley face emoji and blocked him. Done and dusted and thank god for that! My sanity was at risk there! I still don’t get the whole reason for it but at this imagespoint I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it. That chapter involving him is now closed, ripped out for the book, shredded and burned to a crisp and the ash remains blown away with the wind with my feelings and thoughts of him. Goodbye ‘J S’!
Thanks for reading and lasting through it all with me… I apologise again for how long this one went on for… But at least that’s done with now. Yay! Thoughts anyone? 
x Emz x

Author: Emz

I'm a 28, ambitious full time mum of two amazing and funny children. I try to live a happy simple life but of course there can be drama even if do try to avoid it. A lot does go on with Family and friends and I try to blog as often as I can because this is a good way for me to write what I'm thinking, feeling and helps me remember things that go on and writing it down on a piece of paper doesn't do myself any justice I need to be honest with myself and if blogging is the way forward for me then so bit it. If you happen to come across my blog and actually like and follow it thank you very much. :D I have had to make strong and hard decisions in my life and I have come out stronger and wiser every time. I'm shy, opinionated and can be socially awkward at times but I am trying to build up my confidence and I just want to share with you my life story if you are willing to listen and I am only too happy to do the same for anyone else who wants me to know :) I try to be as honest, open and kind as I can in life. - My aim is to Blog every day whether I am able to keep up with that well we shall see :)

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