Another Manic Monday…

Woke up to my alarms easier enough but body didn’t want to move. Finally got up but couldn’t find the clothes I was looking for. Didn’t have any food in so couldn’t give the kids breakfast or make my daughter a packed lunch for a full day at nursery. Left later than planned so it was clear we weren’t gonna be able to get my son to school for his morning club at 8am since we left at 7:50am – pushchair time!. Continue reading “Another Manic Monday…”

College Update (Week 18)

Fish Dishes – A Test Of Skill

So I was getting changed in the locker room when ‘Va’ and and ‘J’ came in to put their stuff away in their lockers. We all said our good mornings and that’s when ‘Va’ announced that we will be tested on our fish skills today…. Oh great. Continue reading “College Update (Week 18)”