So far this week…

Let’s start with today then on to the others….

Today is Thursday which means I have from 9am – 3pm child free and get to have me time… I did have more housework to do but just enjoying how quiet and nice it is to just sit on the sofa watch a box set without having to pause and rewind and re watch due to the kids being loud. Continue reading “So far this week…”

A Baffling Experience *part 2*

***Warning: What you are about to read are true events that actually transpired over the days it specifies and in no way untrue. I will apologise for the length of this post but be warned it may be painful to read in terms of how boring or frustrating the conversations may be  at times.  You may wish to bang your own head against a wall with how painfully  moronic  and draining some responses were… I would know as I felt like that trying to get through the responses myself… Hang in there and you may see for yourself how baffling some people can actually be***

Part 2: A Lot Can Change In 10 Years Continue reading “A Baffling Experience *part 2*”