A Baffling Experience *part 1*

***Warning: What you are about to read are true events that actually transpired over the days it specifies and in no way untrue. I will apologise for the length of this post but be warned it may be painful to read in terms of how boring the conversations may be at times or you may wish to bang your own head against a wall with how painfully slow and draining going through this was… I would know I felt like that actually going through it myself… Hang in there and you may see for yourself how baffling some people can actually be***

Part 1 – Hello Stranger!

On Tuesday I received a random message on my social media out of the blue from an old “ex”/friend. And the baffling messages have only continued since… We have not seen or spoken to each other in years. the messages started quite general chit chatty as you do, but then it changed and I didn’t know how to take the messages in terms of knowing why he was messaging me etc…

Anyway when I look back on my memories of him I can’t say we had a proper relationship back then… If you read my memory lane post of him you will understand hopefully. What I mean to say is…. There is a line for me that would consider whether it was an actual relationship (mature, grown up, more than a few weeks and being proper intimate and I don’t just mean physically) or those relationships you have when you are younger and more innocent. (is only a few weeks, just for the sake of saying you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, nothing changes other than the title – so no kissing and sometimes all it is, is just kissing, going round saying your together but it fizzles out fast due to silly childish and selfish reasons.) More on this later.

Anyway the back story to this guy will be published next in the memory lane post. But here’s how the messages unfold from Tuesday, along with my comments and thoughts on them…


‘J S’ -9:13am-  “Hey how are you xx”

(Oh,  surprising… Been years but okay… I’m in a good mood so I’ll respond and be nice.)

Me -9:21am-  “Hey! I’m good thanks, how are you? Been awhile x”

‘J S’ -9:21am-  “Yh I’m OK thanks and yh has been to long xx”

Me -9:23am- “What have you been up to these past years? x”

‘J S’ -9:24am- “Just working alot mainly you xx”

(Really? All these years, all you have done is just worked… ? Surely you have been doing more than that…)

Me -9:27am- “Lots really, I’ve been going to college, sorting out my place, dealing with situations and every day raising my kids. 🙂 Where are you working these days?”

(Just trying to get to know him again.)

‘J S’ -9:28am- “Airport and aww OK how are the kids xx”

(Well that’s nice he asked about my kids)

Me -9:31am- “Growing way too fast! Ha, how about yours? x”

‘J S’ -9:31am- “Yh same lol xx”

‘J S’ -9:35am- “Wuu2?”

(Really? “Wuu2”? I haven’t messaged in slang since I was a young teenager… Surely you should have out grown that also? Ah well)

Me -9:46am- “Just making a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea before I do some housework, you? x”

‘J S’ -9:47am- “Just on my xbox lol when we meeting up so I can get my cuddle after all this time xx”

(Xbox? Thought he worked all the time? And that’s why he would want to meet up?  He use to say that often but seriously… A cuddle? I don’t think we ever really cuddled…. Odd)

Me -9:50am- “Lol you haven’t changed much 😛 what you playing? And well you have to keep in contact to arrange a meet up 🙂 x”

(Just stay positive and nice and maybe he will start snap out of that and into an actual conversation)

*We talked about games*

(Finally something we can talk about that lasts more than two messages… Although it is just about games so might need to change it a bit like our actual lives…)

Me -10:26am- “My motivation for housework is so low. I just want to sit and relax I only have half hour left til I have to leave to pick up the little one from nursery x”

(There, back to daily life)

‘J S’ -10:27am- “Aww bless hun I do miss our cuddles xx”

(Oh I do hate being called ‘hun’… And he should know that from the last time we spoke and the entire time we have known each other…. Let’s stay calm… And again with the cuddles!?)

Me -10:29am- “Did we even cuddle much? Maybe the odd hug when we said bye or something I think x”

(I keep trying to remember but I just can’t see or imagine it…)

‘J S’ -10:29am- “Yh because you was a woose lol I was lucky to get that xx”

(A what?… A “woose”? What the hell is that?)

Me -10:31am- “a woose? lol”

(Does he mean wuss? Or wussy? And if so how so!?)

‘J S’ -10:32am- “Yh lol didn’t even want to kiss me and there’s ‘I F’ getting more than me lol x”

(Whaaaat!? Why would you bring ‘I F’ up and into this ?? baffled…. – ‘I F’ was my first proper boyfriend *my first love* at the time so of course he would get more/all – Me and you weren’t even close like that around the time I was with him so this just baffles me to no end as to why you are saying that… And I didn’t want to cuddle or kiss you… Not because I was a “woose” but because you repulsed me around that time…)

Me -10:38am- “lmao! You’re actually bringing ‘I F’ into to this conversation? 😂 Haha firstly he was my boyfriend lol and second you were being weird and not the kind I liked – changed your approach often… You had to earn it after that lol but anyways that was years ago like 10 years! x”

(How odd to bring this up after all this time…)

‘J S’ -10:41am- “OK lol x”

(Really… You bring it up, I respond with an explanation and that’s all you say?)

Me -10:43am- “hahaha speechless? 😛 x”

‘J S’ -10:44am- “OK then I can carry on if you like what bout wen I was your bf and I did see how I went weird wen I really liked and you wasn’t interested xx”

(What? And why? Bringing up crap from the past and asking questions? Well at least we are having an actual conversation for once… You want answers I’ll give them to you…)

Me -10:45am- “Which time are you referring to? x”

‘J S’ -10:47am- “All of the times I always liked you x”

(What!? Since when? What are these “all of the times”?)

Me -10:52am- “You were my bf like twice the first time you kind of harassed me into it and the second well you blew me off and acted as if nothing happened between us after the truth came out about you and ‘S’ was it? I can’t remember her name and those were the only 2 times and if you liked me non stop from when we first met to the last time we saw each other it didn’t come across like you did to me with the things you said and did x”

(True story… But what good will it do bringing this up now? – But I’m glad I was able to finally admit it to him and it is now off my chest – the harassed me into it bit and finally mentioning the truth coming out bit)

Me -10:53am- “But as I said most of that was 10 years or more ago x”

‘J S’ -10:53am- “I did I liked u a lot but u never felt the same x”

(What are you on about? We got together twice… And a lot has happened in the past I would have blocked you from my life years ago if I never liked you…)

Me -10:56am- “I liked you a lot then you cheated on me with ‘S’… I guess you can’t remember, It was a long time ago x”

(Oh here comes the memories…)

‘J S’ -10:58am- “I never cheated with Sandra x”

(Yeah right… And I’m a submissive who takes orders from my master… -Seriously though, I know what I know…)

Me -11:03am- “Well what I heard, saw and was told says otherwise… But anyway that was then, We have had our own ups and downs in our own lives and now we are parents and the outlook on life changes. What made you message me today? 🙂 x”

(Next subject please! I am curious as to what the reasons were for messaging me all of a sudden…)

‘J S’ -11:04am- “Thought it would be good idea x”

(Really? You thought it would be a good idea? What kind of a reason is that?)

‘J S’ -11:08am- “Is that OK x”

(Is what okay exactly?)

Me -11:08am- “That’s the reason? And has it not been a good idea? You asked questions I answered and I’ve been nice about it all x”

Me -11:08am- “Is what okay? Your reason?”

‘J S’ -11:09am- “Yh never said it wasn’t a good idea just find it strange you say I cheated x”

(I find this whole thing strange to be honest!)

Me -11:12am- “Maybe you can’t remember? Or maybe you didn’t see me as a gf at that time and so it wasn’t cheating to you… I dunno what went through your mind back then x”

(And I still don’t know what goes through your mind now…)

‘J S’ -11:13am- “I did really like you tho don’t think I didn’t x”

(Really though…?)

Me 11:16am- “Well I didn’t think you did after the way I was made to feel but thanks for saying that… When did you stop? x”

(Now I’m just curious)

‘J S’ -11:17am- “In honesty still there and at the time like I said I thought u never liked me in that way xx”

Me -11:17am- “Still there? x”

(What’s still there?)

‘J S’ -11:18am- “What did you ask wen did I stop what c”

‘J S’ -11:37am- “?”

‘J S’ -12:02pm- “Hello?”

(Wow he’s starting to annoy me…)

Me -12:05pm- “When did you stop really liking me is what I asked x”

‘J S’ -12:06pm- “I do still like u now if I’m honest x”

‘J S’ -12:13pm- “?”

(How is that even possible?)

Me -12:27pm- “How could that be if we have not seen or spoken to each other properly for years? x”

(It’s true though isn’t it? If years have gone by and you haven’t seen or spoken to that person, how could you still like them when they are bound to be different after all this time? We don’t know each other as adults only as teenagers… I’m definitely not the same person as I was back then surely he would have changed too…)

What do you all think so far? Did you expect it to go down that road? How would you have responded or reacted? Have you also been in similar situations? Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on this post and any of your own experiences. I’d love to read from you and know what you all think. How do you think he responded? And how do you think it will all unfold?

Find out what happens in the next part of “A Baffling Experience”. 

x Emz x

Author: Emz

I'm a 28, ambitious full time mum of two amazing and funny children. I try to live a happy simple life but of course there can be drama even if do try to avoid it. A lot does go on with Family and friends and I try to blog as often as I can because this is a good way for me to write what I'm thinking, feeling and helps me remember things that go on and writing it down on a piece of paper doesn't do myself any justice I need to be honest with myself and if blogging is the way forward for me then so bit it. If you happen to come across my blog and actually like and follow it thank you very much. :D I have had to make strong and hard decisions in my life and I have come out stronger and wiser every time. I'm shy, opinionated and can be socially awkward at times but I am trying to build up my confidence and I just want to share with you my life story if you are willing to listen and I am only too happy to do the same for anyone else who wants me to know :) I try to be as honest, open and kind as I can in life. - My aim is to Blog every day whether I am able to keep up with that well we shall see :)

5 thoughts on “A Baffling Experience *part 1*”

  1. Maybe something happened that made him think about you and that triggered his message. It is sometimes hard to let go of the past and we can all be guilty of thinking that things will be different next time?
    I recently had a message from someone I knew a long time ago, he is now married and although I replied a few times, like you out of curiosity, I knew I wasn’t really interested in going back there, especially now he is married but also even if he wasn’t.
    Some things end for a reason and we hope that something better and more fulfilling will come along in it’s place. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah I’m fine with talking about old times and then on to the lives we live now but the whole thing turned more and more strange and confusing with how he went about the conversation… It has ruined the word baffled/baffling for me haha. Thank you for make comment 😀 xx


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