Back to the norm is it?

Back to school, back to nursery and back to college… which means back to gym, (next week I think) back to trying to sort out my place… The kitchen was sorted completely and then Christmas dinner happened and then I got lazy in that “crimbo limbo haze”. Now I have to clean the kitchen and put everything away, finish painting and then go on to sorting the bedrooms out because they don’t look like bedrooms anymore. (Well not the way I want them to look like anyway.) Continue reading “Back to the norm is it?”

Petty? Me?

Not usually… But we all are at some point, aren’t we? No matter how hard we try not to be, we don’t want to lower ourselves to their level. But It happens. We get pushed to that point. We stop in our tracks and think… Ya know what? I’m not playing your little games. I’m not doing things your way. For once I am in control of the situation that you have put me in and now you have unleashed a side you will be shocked to be up against with.

That’s me these past few days but not to everyone of course. Just the ones who have participated in the releasing this part of me I didn’t think would come through so to speak. Continue reading “Petty? Me?”