College Update (Week 7 – 14) *long post*

Let  me start by saying it will just be easier if I update it it all in one post!

  • Week 7 – (Half Term)

  • Week 8 – Prep for the restaurant; We all had to prep and even cook/part cook some meals etc for the College’s Restaurant and was not allowed to take anything home. 😦 On the bright side I was made “Team Leading Chef” of our class for the day!! I couldn’t believe it and was not sure how I was going to cope as I have never been a team leader before -always been more of a follower of sorts due to shyness. at first it was both me and ‘J’ but she told me to take the reigns as she wasn’t sure of the position. So what I had to do was to task individual peers/team mates/fellow chefs etc  with jobs to do such as; who is prepping what for me and then give clear instructions for them to follow and be there on hand to not only do my own jobs/tasks but help out when needed and be available for anyone to ask me for follow up and other tasks when finished etc. I feel I did quite well and as I cooked all the combined ingredients everyone had prepared for me to use I made sure everyone had a say in the taste testing making sure everyone agreed on the right amount of seasoning that was used and if it needed more and what of. We did it all in the time we had and managed to work well as a team under my “management” and it gave me a confidence I never know I had or would even  ever get. We made seasoned and grilled tomato halves, prepped bell pepper halves, braised veg, made a Mediterranean stew and  dauphinoise potatoes.


  • Week 9 – Soups; I can’t remember much due to how much has happened but I am not really a soup person but after making and tasting the Paysanne Mixed veg soup, that will be my go to soup from now on! we also made clear soup and cream of broccoli which was not fun since we had to pass through the blitzed up pureed broccoli if you remember is a triple sieve type instrument where it takes forever to pass!


  • Week 10 – Christmas Prep; Twas the time to prep the food for the Christmas menu! We not enjoy doing all the tedious peeling and chopping and getting things prepped for the restaurant to serve and for us to not bring anything home. 😦 But I got to use the slicer that was fun and dangerous and I got to have a nice day chatting along side my fellow chefs without interruptions so it wasn’t all bad.  I also got to be the first one and only one I think even at this point who has cured salmon!


  • Week 11 – Due to my restrictions after my surgery I wasn’t allowed to use the ovens or hobs – therefore cook! So I ended up doing all the cold prep such as cold dressings and salads and then vac packing… I didn’t know how to use it at first and now I am a pro due to the amount of prepped veg I had to vac pack, label and store! I did how ever also use the expensive blitzing machine. – It was only a small thing so I didn’t count it as heavy machinery. 😛
  • Week 12 – Choux Pastry & Wholemeal Pastry; We made onion, ham and cheese wholemeal quiche which I surprisingly liked! I don’t like quiche usually as the smell itself as always made me queasy but I liked this Quiche and will definitely be making it at home. We also made profiteroles but I didn’t realise we were supposed to half the small recipe so I followed the small recipe until I saw everyone using 2 eggs instead of 4 so I double checked and asked my fellow chefs how many eggs we were supposed to do and they all confirmed saying 2 so I did 2 thinking it a bit odd but they are instructions… but my choux pastry blobs never rose as eggs are the rising agents in choux pastry…  In the end my teacher/chef let me have a few of the profiteroles he had baked so that I could decorate them to complete that unit. Yet again profiteroles aren’t something i like as I am not a cream fan but I will definitely be making more of these!! -we got to take it all home.


  • Week 13 – Puff Pastry, Salad & Brulees; We made cream horns, cheese straws, Fruit salad with sugar syrup stock and raspberry creme brulees! I enjoyed it all but I did nip my finger for the first time in college using the grater haha. I got a little carried away with the blow torch when it came to the creme brulees! I was only suppose to do one and I did all 5 of mine… Ooops! We got to try  just one of them which was delicious, yet again not a fan of custard but my gosh I want more of those! We got to take the rest of what we made home after giving the rest of our brulees to the restaurant. 😦 Oh and we also watched our Teacher/Chef make vanilla ice cream from scratch with the ice cream machine! – Delicious!!! But only had  a few spoonfuls unfortunately.


  • Week 14 – Gateau; Last day before the holidays and we spent it creating a Strawberry Gateau with fresh cream, strawberries with genoise sponge and Chocolate work! Then we had to make sure our folders were filled in- we needed to have 4 units completed by now! But of course I have been told to rewrite everything I have written in my folders as it can’t be read apparently… That is probably because When we usually fill them in it’s at the end of the class and we have to rush to finish before the next class – full timers – come in and start theirs… I am now behind and will have to go in tomorrow – while my kids are at nursery and school – and rewrite everything I have done in detail and also print off all my evidence which I haven’t done at all since I started college! I know, I know I am not helping myself at this point and I also need to include my updated CV for my folder as it is being assessed!!!! Manic right? Partly my fault… But anyway wish me luck and let me know what you think of my creations. 😀


Thanks for Reading and viewing! 

x Emz x








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