An Emzy Life bombarded!

Hey Everyone! Phew I can’t believe it has been almost 7 weeks since my last post! I am so glad all you loyal followers have stayed following me even when I have not posted all this time.

The reason I have not been able to make any new posts is because my laptop decided to blank out on me and continuously kept a black screen when I turned it on… Nothing else and the fan sounded weird… There was no way I was going to be able to write posts on my phone but  I am now using a smaller laptop until I can get my laptop fixed.

Since then though soooo much has happened and as usual one thing after the other and at times all at the same time! Here is a run down on some stuff that has been happening and I will write an individual post on each to explain in detail, as I really need to update you all on what’s been going on with me in my life!

  • Started and Finished (completed) Baking Course.
  • Ongoing Family Disagreements/feuds.
  • Surgery.
  • My Kids Birthdays.
  • Late Works Being Carried Out.
  • Future Work Worries.
  • Intense Gym Workouts.
  • Feeling My Confidence Build.
  • Upcoming Change Of Christmas. 
  • College.
  • More Questions.
  • Nursery Placements.
  • Illness’.
  • Feelings.
  • Decisions.

There may be more but all I can think of at this time.  

I hope you all are happy to know I am back and ready to write again and you look forward to reading what’s been happening with me. 

Thanks for reading this little post and I shall write again soon. 🙂

x Emz x



Author: Emz

I'm a 28, ambitious full time mum of two amazing and funny children. I try to live a happy simple life but of course there can be drama even if do try to avoid it. A lot does go on with Family and friends and I try to blog as often as I can because this is a good way for me to write what I'm thinking, feeling and helps me remember things that go on and writing it down on a piece of paper doesn't do myself any justice I need to be honest with myself and if blogging is the way forward for me then so bit it. If you happen to come across my blog and actually like and follow it thank you very much. :D I have had to make strong and hard decisions in my life and I have come out stronger and wiser every time. I'm shy, opinionated and can be socially awkward at times but I am trying to build up my confidence and I just want to share with you my life story if you are willing to listen and I am only too happy to do the same for anyone else who wants me to know :) I try to be as honest, open and kind as I can in life. - My aim is to Blog every day whether I am able to keep up with that well we shall see :)

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