Christmas Stockings!

So this year I made my kids their Christmas stockings as we could not find my sons usual stocking in the Christmas box and thought I might as well make my daughter a new one if my son get a new one made. We popped to the fabric store (which is really becoming a great place to go for my crafting bits and bobs) and let the kids pick the fabric they wanted we went for silky and a little stretchy as well as a bit of fluffiness for the trim. Continue reading “Christmas Stockings!”

Finally a bit of peace… Maybe?

So I did it! I went into college today shortly after I dropped both kids off at school and nursery this morning. I went into my usual kitchen and sat with the computers and then unpacked my bags contents; A4 Notebook, 2 pens, all recipes and instruction method sheets I have acquired over the past 13 weeks of professional cookery at college. (13 weeks!?) I had a lot to do… I had to rewrite all my work that i has written so far in my folder -mainly about what we did on those lessons. But I had to add more detail and explain how we did it, using specific words that should be used in the units… Then I had to Print off all the cookery photo evidence that I had on my USB stick I have been meaning to do since September…  I had a little Issue with the printer but I managed to get help. Then had to reference both detailed written paper with the correct photo evidence and popped them in the front of my folder ready for my Teacher/Chef to look over, sign off and write notes on what my task goals are to be when I come back in January. But yay I am done –(which took 5 long hours writing!) and will not fail my first 4 units that needed to be complete by Christmas! Continue reading “Finally a bit of peace… Maybe?”

Baking Course (week 1-6)

  • Week 1:  Fresh Cream Scones and Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies.


  • Week 2: Daughter was ill so couldn’t go to my course.
  • Week 3:  Chelsea Buns and Lemon Swirls.


  • Week 4: Lemon Drizzle Cakes and Rock Cakes.


  • Week 5: Fresh Cream Strawberry Gateau and Wholemeal Loaf.


  • Week 6: I wasn’t able to go to the last course session due to me being ill.

An Emzy Life bombarded!

Hey Everyone! Phew I can’t believe it has been almost 7 weeks since my last post! I am so glad all you loyal followers have stayed following me even when I have not posted all this time. Continue reading “An Emzy Life bombarded!”