Monday Madness – Followed By Illness (long post)

Hello again, as the title explains that is the main reason I have not been able to get on here and make an update unfortunately. 😦

But I am well now and lets see if I can remember all that has happened this past week…

Lets start with Monday; I started my first day at college. Now I have been to college before to do other things in the past (NVQ1 Beauty therapy, English, Maths and ICT) but this is different… It is part time and it is an NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery course 9am – 2pm and only one day a week but that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be easier that way, oh no, it just means I have to cram a lot more stuff in to one day. – So the full time students get 3-5 days (I think) 1-5pm on Mondays and all day other days of learning and cooking and “front of house” experience. (Meaning they get to work in the restaurant bit where they can get extra experience that will help you go far in the industry) Where as us part time students have to learn what they learn in a week all in to one day that week O.O yep! And we don’t even get the “front of house” experience and apparently not even allowed a break as we have so much to do! It’s not just cooking there is a fair bit of paper work we have to go through and assessments and exams and all sorts.

So anyway I will start at the beginning;

Monday Morning bit of a rush I didn’t wake up as early as I wanted to so was rushing around making a pack lunch for my 2 year old daughter and packing her Nursery bag so she had everything she needed. – (Spare clothes , plenty of pull ups, wet wipes, nappy bags you know the drill.) Also had to make sure my 7 year old son was dressed and had all his school bits ready. So they are now ready sat on the steps next to the front door waiting for me and I look down and I am not even dressed… Great. I have 5 minutes to get myself sorted and get them both to our first destination half hour earlier than usual just so I can fit everything in that morning. (Bare in mind my Daughter will be walking and that’s a slow progression at the best of times.) We are walking fast every now and then I have to pick my daughter up and help pretend she is flying just to motivate her to move her little bottom. (She is not as light as she use to be!) We make it to my sons school at 8:10am. (Not too bad considering I was still in my pj’s with them waiting for me only 15 minutes prior) I take him through to the office and tell them I would like him to join morning club this morning, hand them the £1.50 for the club, I give him a big cuddle and tell him to enjoy his day and that I will see him later.

Now off to the next destination! My daughter’s little legs are exhausted now and I have to encourage her by asking her what she will do in Nursery today? Is she excited to see her friends? And asking her which way is her nursery?… It works and she grabs my hand and pulls me into the right direction, smiling, giggling and telling me all about what she plans to do that day. We reach the nursery just in time it’s around 8:30 ish now and I take her in the play room and hand over her bag and coat to her and watch her hang them up on the designated hook with her photo on it. I give her a kiss and cuddle and tell her to have a good day too and I will see her later, she says bye and gets on with the playing.

Right now it’s time to get to my next destination; College. I get to the college with plenty of time, I was told to get there at 9am but I like to be early just in case I get lost and I needed to pick my kit and ID card up… When I get there a woman ushers me through different doors and I explain why I am there and also what I need to get. She tells me I can get my kit and ID card later and to go straight to the main place everyone else is going to. “The Hub” it’s called… Okay I think it’s a bit strange considering the ID cards give you access to all the buildings entrances and i need it but I shall head to The Hub… I walk towards The Hub and there are groups of people in their own little points of places just staring as I come along. (Awkward much? I hate that feeling) I walk into the hub and it’s quite big inside and there are loads of people! and they all stop talking and stare at me! (Why?!) I feel like shrinking back and either dissolve into the wall behind me or sink into the floor under me into a puddle never to be seen again. ( Dramatic I know but that’s how I felt) Never liked to be the center of attention with all eyes on me especially when you don’t know any of them. I see a sign with the word “catering” on it (must be the area I need to go to) so off I go. I wander around the sign and notice it’s outside the restaurant but no staff near it to talk to. I do see a young woman (let’s call her ‘C’) standing next to the sign looking as if she is feeling as alien as myself. She asks if I am alright and I tell her I have no idea where I am suppose to go while staring down at my enrollment letter. (Which tells me nothing about what to do or where to go on my first day) We discuss what we are both enrolled on to do and she tells me to talk to the member of staff in the middle of the hub, which I do and they tell me to go wait where I already was. I head back to ‘C’ and tell her she was in the right place and we start chatting. (Which is surprising  because I am not that confident and mostly quite shy and socially awkward.)

A staff member comes over and asks us some questions then takes us into meet our Teacher/Chef who we have already met when we enrolled and had our interview with. He takes us back through to the Restaurant and hands us a form to fill in, me and ‘C’ sit down together and fill it in, all about contact details and rating ourselves in a multiple question quiz type survey to workout what kind of a learner we are. By the time I finish I look behind me and the other tables have other students on them filling in their forms. – In total there is about 11- 12 of us in our class which to some maybe small but for me that is still quite a bit of people. (I was nervous and hoping they were all nice and friendly!) And then our teacher/chef told us to go around an introduce ourselves… (I hate having to do this) So one by one they all got up and told us who they were, why they are here and what they hope to do… Soon it was my turn and this is what I said “Hi my name is Emma I am 26 and I am a full time single mum of 2. My youngest has started Nursery so I have a bit of time to focus on what career I would like and I would like to learn how to cook professionally and not kill people” and then I awkwardly looked at my teacher/chef to show I was done. (Why I tried for a joke is beyond me but I can’t help what comes out of my mouth when I am nervous and on the spot. Sometimes I try to be funny when to others it might not have been.) Everyone chuckled along with it but I couldn’t tell you if that was because they thought I was being awkward and I am now the one who tries to be funny when I’m not or because they generally thought that was funny I don’t know. I then got sent to get my ID card which by the way looked so horrendous that I wish I kept my old picture from 2014 that was still on their database because the new one even though looked good on the screen, when printed on the card it smudged and the color was a bit off, as I looked like I was born with a sun burn and my face was blurred. Couldn’t tell if it was me if I wasn’t wearing the clothes or had my braids… College life should be fun. -_-

From there it was all about health and safety, sorting out our assessment packs and organizing them into old folders. (That look like they are about to fall apart so I am going to be buying a new folder for mine) We got taken on a tour around the college so we know where the main things are, we were allowed a 20 minute break thank goodness because I accidentally forgot to feed myself breakfast that morning with the rush so I was so hungry and a little light headed. I didn’t know how my ID card worked when it came to food (I should have £5 a day on it for my lunch) so ‘C’ who stayed with me throughout the rest of the day at college offered to buy me a hot chocolate which was nice of her. Unfortunately should have gone with water and a bit of food as a few minutes after our break I felt worse with a slight headache and then I had to listen to all the info and instructions on how to use the machines individually and how to clean them… Took a couple of hours where I just felt worse and worse but still trying so hard to pay attention even though my head was pounding, I felt nauseated, dizzy and my stomach felt like it was eating itself. (Really kicking my bum for not making sure i ate anything that morning)

Finally the class concluded and we all said bye to each other and me and ‘C’ grabbed our coats and headed to the building called ‘Future’ to get our kit, tools and books as we had ordered them weeks before hand. It was pouring down with rain and we ran to the building to find the place locked and empty. We both discussed our options and headed to the reception to ask for advice on where to go next, which we did and the receptionist was no help telling us to go enroll when we have already done that process etc. She was not really listening or understanding what we were saying. We finally managed to speak to someone who knew what to do and took us to the financial department unfortunately by this time is was past 1pm and the finance office is only open 11am – 1pm on specific days, but luckily when we explained we didn’t get out of class til gone that time and there was not a chance to leave the class in the middle of it to collect our stuff, they took our information and had a dig in some boxes and brought it out to us after 30 minutes of waiting. It was a lot of stuff and it was piled on to our open hands/arms and we didn’t bring a bag. Fortunately I only live a couple of minutes away so I told ‘C’ to come with me to mine and I can give her a bag to put all her stuff in so she can carry it home better than this, she agreed and we went and did that.

After we left mine we wandered into town and I walked with her to the bus stop and we said we would see each other next week. I walked off to go get some food because I felt so awful, my head continuously pounded I could have easily thrown up and passed out. (not nice but that’s how bad I felt) Not the best choice in food but I went and got a Burger King and I felt a bit better after sitting outside (I love the breeze on my face) and eating a few fries but then this man who I have seen often walking up and down the the high street asking passerby’s for money – now local people know not to even stop and answer him anymore as he has often taken money when they have given him some and walked back in the bookies he came out of and he has usually in the past asked me everyday for 2 school weeks straight if I have some change and he has literally seen me across the road and bee lined towards me to ask me and I don’t like it when people get in my face trying to sell stuff let alone pin pointing me out for change because I have a pushchair and children with me… (Take it from me, people with pushchairs and children are more likely to not have change on them or anything to spare due to how much we have going out and have to pay for- children are not cheap! Ha I make every last penny count because I need to stretch the small amount I get as far as I can to cover everything and usually left with nothing to spare or save or anything.) Now I know I am sat there eating a burger king but that was money I shouldn’t have spent but I needed to feed myself so I suffered that cost throughout the week. So he sits across from me and lights his cigarette while I am eating (if the wind was blowing the smoke towards me I would have told him to smoke elsewhere or down wind kind of thing) I consider moving but think to myself well as petty as it sounds, I was sitting here first plus I just want to focus on my food and keep my mind of the awful head pounding and nauseous feeling. He then asks me for some change which makes me stop and stare at him (is he for real? Bit rude…) and I tell him as much “you can’t just sit down next to someone you don’t know, while they are eating and ask them for change, that’s a bit rude.” he gets up to leave but I decide to ask him what he wants it for knowing full well he usually goes to the bookies with it. He tells me he wants a sandwich and I ask him if he is telling the truth, because I have seen him go to the bookies with “change” he has got from people before. He nods and says yeah so I tell him sandwiches are more than a couple of change but if he would like a sandwich then let’s go get him a sandwich (I surprise myself for being in such a charitable mood considering how ill I felt and how annoying this guy had been in the past) and I get up and he changes his mind and says “coke” I hope and assume he meant a can of coke and double checked he wanted a can of coke instead and he says yeah so I say “come on then we will pop to the shop” he tells me no I can get him one from the cafe we are outside of (picky) I assumed the cafe cans would be pricey which he told me a can is only a pound (he knows the prices?) so I pop into the cafe and ask for a can of coke and he was right it is a pound… I take it out to him and sit back in my seat across form him and he thanks me (he has manners!) I smile politely and tell him that it’s alright and continue to eat my chips although I don’t like being watched when eating so was a bit awkward with him staring at me as he drank his can. I decide to offer him a chip (I like my chips so he should be honored I would part with one!) I decided maybe he wanted to talk, maybe people ignore him so much that he feels like maybe asking for change or sitting down disturbing someone is his way of trying to be social, I mean it’s a bad way but it’s his way I guess. (If I am right that is) I decide to ask him his name and he tells me (let’s call him ‘M’) and he asks me for mine and then he goes on to ask me if I have family, where I live, who I live with and if I was married (last time a stranger asked me these questions the followed me and my kids home and then insulted us when I told them to leave us alone) – I answer him by telling him I live centrally, I do have family, I live with my kids and no I am not married. He responds by asking me if he can come home to live with me I laugh awkwardly and tell him “I’m afraid not, no” as politely as I can and I feel sooo weird and uncomfortable now  I ask him if he has family and he tells me he has 9 brothers! (Blimey!) I respond with how many siblings I have (2 brothers and 2 sisters) and  so I offer him the rest of my fries explain to him they are a bit salty (I like my salt) he accepts them and I check my phone and the time and tell him I must be going now and tell him to have a nice day and leave as he tells me to have the same.

It’s time to go get my son from school and my head is still pounding and I still have 2 burgers in my food bag from burger king to eat so when I get to the playground I wait for his class to come out and then start to munch on a burger. (Yep that’s right. Munched on a burger in the school playground. So what?!) I couldn’t eat more than a couple of bites though as I felt nauseated again so I wrapped it back up for later. When my son comes out we then have to head to the Nursery to pick my daughter up. (We have 10-15 mins to do this) We pick my daughter up and head home but I am really struggling to walk now as I feel really dizzy and sick but alas we get home and I put the TV on for them and tell them if they need me I will be downstairs. (My place goes down not up) I crawl to bed where I can lay still, with a bag of frozen peas on my head and the window wide open letting a mighty breeze on my face. I have a snooze and feel a bit better when I wake to my kids prodding me in the face asking if I am okay. (Usually my wake up calls are them prodding me in the face or actually this past week my daughter has been smacking my eye to wake me up- pleasant isn’t she.)

I end up making some toast for us before we all head back to bed but the rest of this week I have had that same pounding migraine, nauseated and just awful the times where you feel you just want to curl up and die because the pain is too much to bare but thankfully a couple of days ago I felt better! (Huzzah!) But being ill really didn’t do me any favours in terms of getting my place sorted I gave myself and the council 3 weeks till I can agree to make an appointment with them to come in to do some “essential, important and urgent” works to be done. -_- I only have 2 weeks left now and I haven’t been able to do any of what I needed to do or keep on top of the usual house work so I have even more to do! (Doing housework does not come easy to me like it does others)

On other news;

  1. I have been emailing a potential Personal Trainer ‘K’ and we have agreed on a session to see how I feel about her training and all things about what I need and want from having a Personal Trainer. This will be on Thursday Morning 10-11am. (Wish me luck and let’s hope I am not too out of shape that she kicks my bum in training)
  2. I have been looking into driving lessons but it has been a bit tricky finding a driving school or instructor that is available for the times I need and for my area which is weird since I’m central. (I will keep looking and trying though)
  3. I want to start taking up some classes such as;
  • Dance (I would like to learnt o dance properly)
  • Pottery (I would be fun and cool to make thinks)
  • Tennis (I dunno why but I feel like I want to take up Tennis)
  • Swimming (another type of exercise)
  • Self Defense (I have wanted to take it up for awhile but since certain things have happened in my life recently I feel I need to learn this more than ever).

There is loads more but this blog post has rambled on to the point it is so long I am worried you have not gotten this far if you have then Well Done! 😀 And thank you for reading. 🙂 Write a comment about what you thought about my week and how your week is going. (You will see your comment when I have read and approved it so don’t worry 🙂 )

Emz 🙂

Author: Emz

I'm a 28, ambitious full time mum of two amazing and funny children. I try to live a happy simple life but of course there can be drama even if do try to avoid it. A lot does go on with Family and friends and I try to blog as often as I can because this is a good way for me to write what I'm thinking, feeling and helps me remember things that go on and writing it down on a piece of paper doesn't do myself any justice I need to be honest with myself and if blogging is the way forward for me then so bit it. If you happen to come across my blog and actually like and follow it thank you very much. :D I have had to make strong and hard decisions in my life and I have come out stronger and wiser every time. I'm shy, opinionated and can be socially awkward at times but I am trying to build up my confidence and I just want to share with you my life story if you are willing to listen and I am only too happy to do the same for anyone else who wants me to know :) I try to be as honest, open and kind as I can in life. - My aim is to Blog every day whether I am able to keep up with that well we shall see :)

5 thoughts on “Monday Madness – Followed By Illness (long post)”

  1. Hi Emz,
    I’m returning the favour. Just read you pages… keep at it. You have lots to tell and it will get easier as you go I think and get ideas from others.
    Some advice that was given to me was to keep my paragraphs fairly short. It helps to keep it flowing and doesn’t lose the reader to soon. Otherwise I think its great and I really hope it works out for you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I realised it was a bit much but thank you so much for reading it! I’m hoping to do a daily or every other day posting so it should have less in them I appreciate the feedback! 🙂 You’re so kind. Emz x


  2. With days like that I’m amazed that you can find time to blog! Keep going. I liked your description of the first day at college (you conveyed really well the feeling of being the new kid in the group). All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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